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"Experience Storytime in a brand new way!"

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Toddlers Play Safely in The Meadow
Clicktoy - The Meadow available online March 1st!

(Vancouver, March 4, 2008) Little ones are now encouraged to touch the keyboard and safely play on the computer as nature comes to life onscreen with 3D animation, sounds and music in The Meadow. This is the first game in a series of wholesome, computer-animated software titles by Clicktoy Interactive Inc., which safely transforms the PC into a toy for pre-schoolers.

In The Meadow, children find themselves inside a colourful, movie-like landscape filled with lovable animals and the sounds of nature. At the touch of any key the environment springs to life, allowing players to navigate and interact with the animals, nature, or create their own music.

"The Meadow engages pre-schoolers like no other software has before," says Ken Kavanagh, developer and president of Clicktoy Interactive. "Watching my son play with his animal toys inspired me to create a game that brought animals to life and recreated an experience of a pleasant nature walk with my child."

With no time limits, point systems or structured play, caregivers and children can explore and experience at their own pace.

Like most children, Kavanagh's little ones also enjoy pressing keys and playing on the computer motivating him to develop the proprietary ClickSafe technology. ClickSafe creates a software playpen, effectively preventing the child from exiting the game and returning to the desktop.

An industry veteran, Kavanagh had worked on many major game titles and recognized that there was an opportunity to create content simply meant to entertain. Therefore he decided to address the challenge. "As a father I wanted to develop something beautiful that other parents and caregivers would feel comfortable sharing with their children."

For children ages 1 and up, Clicktoy's The Meadow is the first title developed in the series, to be followed by The Mountain and The Sea. Clicktoy - The Meadow is available in many different languages at www.clicktoy.com for $20 USD/CDN for Windows based computers. Trailers and game stills are also featured on the site.

About Clicktoy
Clicktoy Interactive Inc, based in Vancouver, Canada, is run by parents who specially develop, produce and publish toddler-appropriate software using the latest in graphics and real-time animation technology, safely turning any computer into a toy.